Schlafly Art Outside Festival

Schlafly Beer is proud to sponsor the 21st annual Art Outside Festival held at Schlafly Bottleworks in historic Maplewood, MO, sometime in September 2024. This is a fine arts fair, in which every piece of artwork is unique and made by the artists. We will be inviting an array of mediums such as: acrylic, ceramics, glass, jewelry, metalwork, oil, pastel/pencil/charcoal, pen/ink, photography, stonework, tempera, textile/fiber, watercolor, and woodworking - just to name a few!

Like beer, art brings people together and we aim to raise awareness and appreciation of art, music and an ice cold beer that are all created in our very own community.

Each year, we feature over 60 local artists (all who reside within a 125 mile radius) and deliver a family-friendly experience you won’t find anywhere else. Come peruse and get to know art without pretense.

Schlafly Bottleworks - Maplewood

2024 Art Outside is September 6-8

Nope! Art Outside is a free and family friendly event. Simply purchase whatever beer, food and art you'd like.

Art Outside will be CREDIT CARD ONLY at all Schlafly outside food and drink tents. However, we will take cash inside at the restaurant and bar. Please check with the artists individually to see what form of payment they accept (though almost all of the artists will be able to accept credit cards).

Here was the list of Art Outside Artists from 2023.

Medium F Name L Name Booth
Painting Natalie Avondet 311
Drawing/Pastels Joseph Bodus 405
Ceramics Felicia Breen 305
Photography Neil Brown 208
Painting Mollie Chounard 403
Painting Scott Clark 207
Drawing/Pastels/Mixed Media Lisa Crisman 308
Painting Annette Cummins 204
Fiber/Textile Liz Davidson 112
Sculpture Sherry Day 116
Jewelry Jamie Everding 313
Jewelry Michelle Fank 115
Ceramics Tim Frye 219
Photography Rob Gilmore 105
Printmaking Stephanie Gobby 401
Mixed Media Lo Golden Gems 108
Painting Sadoth Gonzalez 215
Painting Erin Gray 109
Printmaking Amanda Gray-Swain 210
Painting Kalika Groaning 316
Mixed Media Jen Guss 113
Jewelry Melissa Hampton 306
Photography David Hasty 303
Photography Matthew Hemminghaus 118
Digital Manuel Herrera 203
Painting Cindy Hose 315
Ditigal Mark Hurd 114
Wood Jared Kauffman 406
Mixed Media Amy Koch 102
Sculpture Ian Koller 202
Digital Jodi Kolpakov 205
Fiber/Textile Leslie Kuess 304
Mixed Media Judy Kuhl 213
Mixed Media Cindy Larimore 212
Ceramics Jimmy Liu 111
Fiber/Textile Marcia Menendez 302
Jewelry Ashley Minks 317
Photography Dennis Minner 310
Drawing/Pastels Jim Mosley 211
Digital Janet Muhm 402
Jewelry Lauren Nall 103
Printmaking Nick Nihira 206
Jewelry Allison Norfleet Bruenger 218
Metal Dave Patton 214
Fiber/Textile Tucker Pierce 117
Printmaking Michael Plurad 314
Jewelry Sara Quiroz 106
Fiber/Textile April Riley 101
Painting Andrew Rola 318
Fiber/Textile Annie Rye 217
Digital Tony Scheibelhut 307
Mixed Media Arthur (Bill) Schnur 404
Ceramics Jessie Schoenrock 104
Wood Dan Snyder 319
Fiber/Textile Svein Staaby 209
Drawing/Pastels Tai Taeoalii 119
Fiber/Textile Dayton Thompson 107
Mixed Media Paul Trinklein 201
Glass Virgene Tyrrell 301
Jewelry Laurie Van Mondfrans 309
Mixed Media Melissa Villadiego 110
Mixed Media LaTasha Warren 312
Ceramics Deborah Weinstein 216

Art Outside features the perfect mix of classics with both summer and fall favorites. You'll see styles like Pale Ale, Park Lager, Oktoberfest, White Lager, and Just A Bit Hazy IPA.

Art Outside features festival-style food outside as well as our full menu available inside for table service.

2024 Art Outside Bands are TBD

Nope! Art Outside is a family friendly event, so bring the kids and enjoy some art. Of course, it is 21+ to drink.

Well-behaved doggos on leashes are allowed. Please keep in mind this event takes place on our parking lot with large crowds.

Since Art Outside takes place on our main parking lot, there will not be immediate parking available. There are several public lots nearby, as well as street parking - but they will fill quickly. We encourage public transportation, cabs, Uber or biking.

Please be mindful and considerate of our neighbors when deciding where to park.

The artist selected for the festival this year will be by Schlafly Beer invitation only and are based on previously juried artist applications from the past 19 years. Artist invitations will be sent by email, on April 2024, and those invited to participate will be required to pay their booth fee no later than May 2024 to reserve their spot at the festival.

Art Outside will not be juried this year and no paid applications will be required. The invitation email will include payment information for booth reservation ($250).

If you are new to Art Outside and interested in including your name on the wait list, please click the link below to fill out the registration form.