Established in 2004, Schlafly’s Art Outside Festival is an art fair in St. Louis, dedicated to showcasing local art in an approachable venue and manner. Art Outside is not an ordinary fair, but one that features quality and affordable art, music, and plenty of tasty food and drink from Schlafly Beer. Hosted at the brewery’s Bottleworks location in Maplewood, Missouri, Art Outside draws approximately 15,000 visitors each year. The festival’s mission is to increase public knowledge and appreciation for the local art scene by creating opportunities that connect artists, musicians and the community.

Art Outside will present up to 66 artist booths this year. Art Outside seeks art that is “edgy”, imaginative and outside the general realm of other mainstream art fairs. The artist selected for the festival will be by Schlafly Beer invitation only and are based on previously juried artist applications from the past 19 years. Artist invitations will be emailed and those invited to participate will be required to pay their booth fee within 10 days to reserve their spot in the festival.

Booth Fees:

Invited artists will have 10 days from time of correspondence to secure their spot at $250 total. Payments not made within the allotted time will then release that booth fee to a waitlist registered applicant. There are no application fees for this fair.

Rules for Participation:

Before applying, please make sure the work meets the following criteria. By applying, artist agrees to abide by the rules, policies and decisions of the fair.

  1. All exhibitors must reside within a 125 mile radius of St. Louis City.
  2. Artists are limited to one application per medium, with a maximum of two media per artist.
  3. All work must be original, handcrafted work.
  4. Commercial studios involved in multiples or production will not be considered for the show. No artwork from molds, kits or other commercial methods is allowed.
  5. If work is produced in editions, edition numbers must be disclosed to the fair audience and included in the application information.
  6. Artists may exhibit only in the medium in which they were juried. Work displayed must be consistent with images of work submitted.
  7. Artists must be present with their work for all three days of the fair. If the work is collaborative, at least one collaborator must be present. All artists must check in upon arrival.
  8. All work must carry a selling price and exhibitors must produce enough work to have booth open all three days of the fair.
  9. An accepted artist’s image may be selected for use on promotional materials including, but not limited to, posters, advertising, websites and social media.
Please type-in your medium of work. (Ceramics, glass, jewelry, metal work, digital, woodworking, etc.)