Thank you for considering Schlafly Beer as your sponsor.

At Schlafly Beer we believe in bringing people together. We focus on sponsorships that align with our organization’s core values. Through these sponsorships, we are able to make lasting brand impacts and be a good neighbor to the communities where we live, work and sell Schlafly Beer. Please keep in mind that while we would love to participate in everything, sometimes we must respectfully decline.

We do have a have a few guidelines for all sponsorships. Please read through them below before proceeding to our application. Submissions that don’t meet our guidelines will be discarded.

What We Sponsor:

We love a good cause and a great party! We particularly favor sponsorship opportunities in one of these categories:

      • Culture & Local Community-Based Causes

      • Arts & Music

      • Outdoors & Lifestyle

      • Environmental Sustainability

      • Food & Drink

Please keep in mind, we do very little traditional advertising, instead, we focus our efforts on sponsoring events, festivals, and causes where we can be involved. With that being said… if your proposal only involves a logo placement or mention at the event, we will politely decline in favor of opportunities to interact with the community and have a promotional plan.

We do not partner with religious organizations, sports teams, individual athletes, bands or golf outings. There are simply too many to choose from. Additionally, we avoid partnering with any school/universities, youth sports, or anything related to children.

We take responsible marketing very serious and we have corporate policy that doesn’t allow the Schlafly Beer brand to support organizations and programs with underage members.


Sponsorship Guidelines:

  • Sponsorship requests must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the event date using the form on this page. Events or sponsorships submitted less than 12 weeks’ notice will automatically be declined. And while 12 weeks is our minimum time requirement, additional time is always appreciated, especially for larger events.

  • Schlafly sponsorships can include a monetary sponsorship investment, in-kind donations and/or collaboration.

  • Sponsorship decisions are based on many factors from this form. Please note there is a cap on allotted funds/donations for sponsorships.

  • Due to the large number of inquiries, all requests MUST be submitted by this form.

  • Are you looking for a product donation? This isn’t the form for that. Things are a little different now, and you can check out the changes here.

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    How long is the event? (4 hours, 2 days etc.)
    Are patrons charged? (Tickets, purchased table, etc.)
    Do patrons register in order to attend? (online, at entrance tent, etc.)
    Please describe what is requested in this sponsorship. Also Include any sponsorship/donation benefits to the Schlafly brand.
    Please list any/all confirmed sponsors.
    Is there an option to have Schlafly be the exclusive craft beer sponsor of the event?
    Will the Schlafly logo be included on all promotional and marketing materials for the event?
    Is there an opportunity for pre-event promotion opportunities? (coasters, posters, etc.)
    Is there an opportunity for Schlafly promotion during the event? (contest, sweepstakes, giveaway etc.)
    Is there a paid media plan or promotional plan scheduled for the event?
    Is there an opportunity for Schlafly signage to be displayed during the event? (banners, tents, etc.)

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