Schlafly Beer debuts its third brewpub — Schlafly Bankside — along with its COVID guidelines

St. Louis’ famed Schlafly Beer opened its third local brewpub, Schlafly Bankside, in St. Charles, Missouri, (formerly Trailhead Brewing Co.) on May 22 with social distancing measures and strict sanitization guidelines in place. The brewpub will be open for limited dining and curbside pick-up and carryout from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
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Make This: Hoppy Wheat Honey Bread

Make This: Hoppy Wheat Honey Bread We're back in the kitchen today and we're baking Hoppy Wheat Honey Bread. Like our Pale Ale Bread Kits, this bread loaf is simple to make and tastes great. Ingredients 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon fine sea salt 1/4 cup honey* 1 bottle (12 ounces) of Hoppy Wheat Ale...
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Make This: Raspberry Hefeweizen Scones

We're back in the kitchen today and we're baking Raspberry Hefeweizen scones. This pastry is easy to make and tastes great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
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Make This: DIY Schlafly Beer Can Planter

Celebrate #EarthDay at home this year. Make your own Beer Can Succulent Planter with a recycled Schlafly beer can and the succulent or cactus of your choice. Materials: An empty & clean Schlafly Beer can of your choice Potting Soil Pebbles or Rocks One Succulent or Cactus Can opener Hammer Nail A paper towel Instructions: Thoroughly wash your can if...
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Make This: Boomerang Spritzer Cupcakes

Our Boomerang Spritzer Cupcakes are super easy to make and are sure to keep you busy in quarantine. Plus, they taste pretty great too, but don't take it from us: make your own following the recipe below.
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MyBeerBuzz: Schlafly Beer Releases New Hoptic Visions Sampler Pack

Schlafly’s Hoptic Visions offers hop-forward favorites from Schlafly’s portfolio as well as a new experimental brew. This is the first year for the Hoptic Visions pack, which will feature: India Pale Ale, Hoppy Wheat Ale, India Pale Lager, and the debut of Hazy Pineapple IPA. Hoptic Visions is available across the Schlafly distribution area starting on Monday, March 16.
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SauceMag: St. Louis breweries go low- and no-ABV

After White Claw Summer 2019, the proliferation of hard seltzers has been hard to escape. While it may horrify some beer nerds that serious craft breweries are involved in such frivolities, this trend didn’t start with water.
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STLPR: Schlafly CEO Fran Caradonna Discusses 30 Years In St. Louis’ Craft Beer Scene

In 1990, Fran Caradonna and her then-husband upended St. Louis’ beer scene by starting a distributorship. They wanted to give local drinkers a choice beyond Anheuser-Busch — and, when Schlafly Beer was founded a year later, the Caradonnas’ company naturally became its distributor.   They helped introduce St. Louis to many new craft beer brands, helping to shake up what...
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VinePair: Craft Breweries Take Cues from Cocktails to Grow Business

It’s no real surprise that brewers are, in aggregate, an inquisitive bunch. Brewing is part art, part science, and the relatively short time required to go from raw material to finished beer has always allowed for a certain degree of experimentation. Since the craft beer revolution in the 1980s, and especially in the early aughts, American craft brewers have made...
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Dink314: The Art of Mixing Beers

Beer mixing is something I enjoyed back in college, but admittedly, it got forgotten until just recently. While attending the recent Schlafly Cabin Fever festival, I was in line for their Imperial Pumpkin when I got to the front of the line, I asked the gentleman what he felt the difference was between this beer and the regular Pumpkin Stout....
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