April 2023

Like lots of alert readers (ARs) I’m preparing to send a check to the Internal Revenue Service on or before April 18th. And, perhaps like some ARs, I often wonder what happens to the trillions of dollars we collectively send to the federal government every year. We have been told, for example, that none of the $1.2 trillion that was pumped into the economy under The Inflation Reduction Act came from individual taxpayers.

5 reasons to savor the Schlafly Stout & Oyster Festival

Every year, Schlafly has 80,000 oysters flown in overnight from both coasts, brings in 20 seasoned pros to shuck them all weekend, and brews new stouts exclusively for the Schlafly Stout & Oyster Festival. Here’s why this beloved annual event, happening March 24 and 25, is such a feast for the senses.

March 2023

Like me, most alert readers (ARs) have probably heard of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that some college students are using to write papers. Before any ARs even ask the question, I want to say for the record that every word in every column I’ve ever written has been my own. I’ve never used ChatGPT for anything and have no intention of doing so. As long as we’re on the subject, I should add that, unlike the 19-year old grandmaster Hans Niemann, I have never used AI to cheat at chess nor been accused of doing so. I have also never sought romance or friendship through Replika or any other AI chatbot mobile app.

Schlafly’s Three-Headed Approach to Its Winter Releases

It’s hard to guess what one style of beer is going to appeal to a wide swath during a season. Schlafly Beer in St. Louis solved this conundrum by making a lineup of three special release beers in completely contrasting styles: a white lager, a hazy IPA and a coffee stout.

February 2023

It’s hard to believe that it was just a year ago that the horrors in Ukraine began to unfold.  As may be the case with many alert readers (ARs), my initial shock and disbelief have gradually  turned to numbness.  It’s almost as if I’ve become inured to the barbarism that now seems sickeningly mundane.  I can’t help but be reminded of  Hannah Arendt’s memorable phrase “the banality of evil” in writing about The Third Reich.  It’s in this context that I want to share part of the Christmas message  my wife and I sent out two months ago.