The Most Balanced Pale Ales in the Market

Most people want their world to be in a proper balance between work and personal life. You don’t want to work too much, but you also don’t want to work so little that you can provide for your family or support your lifestyle. It’s all about balance.

Schlafly to host a beer garden at Tower Grove Park

A beer garden is coming to Tower Grove Park this year – on the weekends, at least. Schlafly Beer is partnering with STL Barkeep to open the Tower Grove Park Beer and Cocktail Garden, a pop-up that will be open Fridays and Saturdays from April 1 through Oct. 29.

Schlafly Beer is a St. Louis Landmark

Built in 1902, the building that houses the Schlafly Tap Room originally was home to printing businesses – first Lambert Deacon Hull Printing Co. and later the John S. Swift Co. Exploring its basement (now used for brewing) and all of the space’s little side rooms, hallways and dark, dusty corners, one has the feeling that the 32,000-square-foot building is full of secrets known only by owner Tom Schlafly and founding brewer Stephen Hale.

Investing in the past to forge a future.

Schlafly beer has been crafting beer and the beer culture in St. Louis since 1991. Inspired by an English ale-fueled Oxford summer, Tom Schlafly returned to St. Louis, longing for the beers he tasted abroad.

Do Seasonal Craft Beer Variety Packs Still Excite Consumers?

Variety packs boxed that experience up, offering the opportunity to try new breweries, new beers, and new beer styles all in one handy purchase. However, with the fast and furious proliferation of craft breweries in the past five years or so, beer drinkers have more options, and are better versed in what they like.

Stout & Oyster Festival Returns!

I honestly can eat oysters with anything, but there is an interesting connection between this fruit of the sea, and stouts, begging the question: why do oysters and stouts go so well together?

Our 30th Anniversary Can Mixed 12-Pack Debut

Schlafly the original, independent craft brewery in St. Louis, announces the release of its new 30th anniversary sampler, Reelin’ in the Beers. The mixed 12-Pack has a line-up of fan favorite brews that represent the past, present and future of the acclaimed craft brewery: