The Best of Both Styles: Schlafly Releases India Pale Lager

The Best of Both Styles: Schlafly Releases India Pale Lager [/vc_column_text] Schlafly Beer, the largest locally owned brewery in St. Louis, announces the release of India Pale Lager, a beer that blends the assertive hoppiness of an IPA with the crisp refreshment of a lager. IPL is the next offering in Schlafly’s Hop Allocation Series, the brewery’s series of hop-forward...
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Use your Illusion: Six of the Best Cocktail-Inspired Beers Ranked

Schlafly Beer Ranks #1 of Best Cocktail-inspired Beers There are beers, there are cocktails, and there are beer cocktails. Then, there are also beers that taste like cocktails. Cocktail-inspired beers are a new style of beverage that inventive brewers have brought to our attention in recent years. The experimental spirits (no pun intended) of brewers like Pipeworks Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery, and Two Roads Brewing...
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Brewer Magazine: How Failure Can Help Shape Your Future

“There can be no growth without failure,” noted Karben4 co-founder Zak Koga. “Every slight miscalculation with a beer style, recipe, branding, timing, etcetera, is part of our story in creating what we hope will ultimately be success. The key is to really embrace the process and not the outcomes — at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.”All failure is invaluable....
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Bigger is Better for Summer: Schlafly Introduces 12-Packs of Hoppy Wheat Cans

Schlafly Beer announces today the roll-out of 12-packs of Hoppy Wheat in 16-ounce cans. The can release of the popular, warmer-weather seasonal furthers the Saint Louis Brewery’s™ footprint in larger format cans. Schlafly Beer was the first brewery in St. Louis brewery to offer 12-packs of 16-ounce cans with White Lager in December 2017. Hoppy Wheat also continues Schlafly’s value...
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Schlafly Beer Partners with National Forest Foundation

(ST. LOUIS; April 6, 2018)—Schlafly Beer announces today a partnership with the National Forest Foundation, the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service that works to promote the health and public enjoyment of America’s 193-million-acre National Forest System. The largest, locally owned craft brewery in St. Louis chose to support the organization as part of their overall 2018 sustainability mission. Other initiatives...
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For the Record: Schlafly’s Pilsner Box gets a Facelift

We love a craft beer promotion that supports another craft or small business because it reinforces that spirit of community and independence that’s crucial for the industry (and we dare say, society).
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The Love of Pale Ale

It saddens me a bit that back in 1992 when I tried my first craft beer — a Schlafly Beer Pale Ale; I did not have the foresight to realize I was tipping back something special. I didn’t know that it would not only mean something to me 27 years later but inspire me to write about it.
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Hop Allocation: Northeast IPA makes its way to the Midwest

If you don’t know about Northeast IPAs (some call them New England IPAs or just NE IPAs) then you haven’t been paying attention. In the last few years, these beers have migrated from the East Coast to all over the country.
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Kick Off: Schlafly Beer announces release of Raspberry Chipotle Brown Ale

The series, which began last year, gets a new look for 2018. The bottle design now showcases the research and development inside each of the inventive beers with a handwritten look and feel and a descriptive neck tag.
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