We don’t just buy our food and ingredients from local farmers. We also encourage our neighbors to do the same.

The Maplewood Market hosted at Schlafly Bottleworks provides seasonal and fresh eggs, pork, lamb, beef, herbs, mushrooms, artisanal loaves, flowers, pasta, chocolate and many other sustainably raised items. More than that, it hosts many local craft and food vendors plus specials, discounts and promotions from the area Maplewood businesses. Stroll the Maplewood Mile for a fun, casual Sunday outing.

Coming 2021, it will be the largest Sunday market in the St. Louis area. And it’s served with a side of beer.

So, instead of grocery shopping under halogen lighting surrounded by canned music, try the Bottleworks outdoor, under-canopy experience with live music, local artisans and real farmers selling real food.