How can Schlafly Beer support what’s important to you?

Great companies form a community around their employees, with a common vision and support for everyone’s success. What is important to our employees is important to us. As part of this effort, we are starting the Employee Donation Program. Annually, each full-time employee will be able to submit a donation request, not to exceed eight cases, to a cause or charity that is important to them.

Please note: In 2023, donation requests from outside of the Schlafly organization will not be accepted. All requests will need to be submitted by a full-time Schlafly employee and within the employees allotted case volume annually.

Donations Guidelines:

  • Choose the non-profit and/or charitable organizations that support your philanthropic values or community. (By Missouri law, donated beer cannot be sold. It can only be given away.)

  • Submit your request using the form below. (You may also forward this link to the organization to fill out and submit if you don’t know all the details.)

  • Beer requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event date using the form on this page.

  • Select how many cases you wish to provide for this organization. (Each employee has 8 cases to donate per year.)

  • Looking to sell Schlafly Beer at a special event and/or festival? Please use the sponsorship form here.

Maximum of 8 cases annually.

How long is the event? (4 hours, 2 days etc.)
How many people (estimated) are attending? (10, 25, 100?)
Event Date(Required)
Do you consent for your organization/event logo to be used on our website and in social media posts as a donation contributor?
Pick Up Contact Name(Required)