Schlafly Rings in the Holidays with Merry Berry Ale

Credit: Schlafly Beer

St. Louis- based Schlafly Beer, the largest craft brewery in its metropolitan area, just announced the launch of another special release beer that mimics the flavors of a sweet French pastry. The beer is Merry Berry Ale, a beer with a deep red hue and flavors of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, lemon, and vanilla. Merry Berry Ale will be released beginning Monday, October 22 across Schlafly’s nationwide distribution area and will continue through the end of 2018.

Schlafly founding brewer Stephen Hale says the decision to release a beer like Merry Berry Ale runs counter to the styles of beer traditionally released during the cooler times of the year, and that is precisely why Schlafly decided to release it.

“We wanted to brew a bright and tart alternative to other beers that are traditionally higher ABV and super spice-forward this time of year,” says Hale. “This is the beer for your aunt who doesn’t think she likes craft beer. It’s an easy drinking beer, perfect to pair with your favorite dessert.”

The fruity persona of Merry Berry Ale invokes images of holiday baking, another reason it is befitting of the season. “To me, it brings back those memories of waiting for pies to come out of the oven,” says Hale.

Merry Berry Ale further develops its fruity flavor as it warms. The reddish color is festive and the modest 6 percent alcohol by volume and 15 IBU make it a beer that is friendly and approachable.

Merry Berry is the last Special Release beer for Schlafly in 2018, preceded by Double Bean Blonde, Coconut Crème Ale and Pumpkin Ale. Merry Berry will be available in six packs and on tap. To track down this new beer at a location near you, check online at

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