Pair Like a Pro: White Lager at the Schlafly Tap Room

Food and beer has gone together ever since people have came together over a good meal and good drinks. But sometimes, certain beer styles go better with specific dishes– bringing out certain flavors that would otherwise go unnoticed. Whether you’re chilling at the bar or catching up over dinner,  Schlafly has a variety of beers on tap for every beer drinker. Not sure what foods go best with certain beers? We’ve got you covered.

Schlafly White Lager has been proven to be a crowd favorite. It’s unfiltered, making it crisp and refreshing with a golden, hazy hue We caught up with Founding Ambassador, Stephen Hale to talk about Schlafly Tap Room eats that go best with White Lager.

Pita Chips and Dip

Snack: Pita Chips & Dip

When pairing White Lager with foods, you don’t want flavors of a dish to overpower the crisp of the lager. That’s where the Tap Room’s Pita Chips & Dips come in. This light appetizer is great to share among the table while enjoying a cold White Lager. Whether you’re dipping your pita in house-made hummus, olive tapenade or our smooth beer cheese spread, these flavors perfectly compliment the freshness of Schlafly White Lager.

Sandwich: Turkey Burger

This California-inspired sandwich pairs perfectly with this German-style zwickelbier. With fresh guacamole, bacon and lettuce, this twist on the traditional BLT is thoroughly enjoyed by Tap Room patrons. So imagine the flavors that come out when it’s paired with a cold pint of Schlafly White Lager. Transport yourself from the cold Midwest to somewhere sunny with this turkey burger.


Pub Plate: Sausage & Kraut 

German lager, German sausage: it only makes sense. This Hefeweizen-marinated bratwurst and apple sausage washes down well with White Lager because of it’s silky finish and balance of maltiness and hops. The sausage has just the right amount of kick and the beer is smooth and refreshing– making this pairing a match made in heaven.


Stop in at the Schlafly Tap Room today to try one or all three of these pairings. To make a reservation, call 314.241.BEER.