December 2023

Most alert readers (ARs) are undoubtedly familiar with the term “Trial of the Century”, which has been used to describe hundreds of legal proceedings over the years, few of which attained more notoriety than the trial of Harry Kendall Thaw in 1907 for the murder of the renowned architect Stanford White.

November 2023

November 2, 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the only election in which a Missourian was elected President of The United States. As some alert readers (ARs) know, Harry S. Truman became President on April 12, 1945 with the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, but was not actually elected to the office until three and a half years later.

6 Essential Oktoberfest Beers to Try Before You Die

It’s Oktoberfest season and you’re gonna need the right seasonal lagers. And here are six Oktoberfest beers that you definitely need to check out before you kick it…Prost! Brewed with rich Munich malt and bright German hops, Schlafly Oktoberfest is a 5.5% ABV Märzen…

7 Pumpkin Beers to Try This Fall Around St. Louis

One of the most desired pumpkin beers in the city, Schlafy’s Pumpkin Ale is an 8% bottle that tastes like a slice of pie. With notes of caramel and ginger, this ale is fermented in pounds of fresh pumpkin squash before being filtered through a spiced infusion of…

October 2023

One of the enduring lessons I learned in school back in 1962 was: Tall girls can flirt and other queer things can do. Before any alert readers (ARs) jump to unwarranted conclusions, I need to emphasize that I did not learn this in a sex education class; and the teacher was not perpetuating gender stereotypes of any kind.

The 17 Best Oktoberfests Available in Most Stores Right Now

Pouring a beautiful sunset amber, Schlafly’s Oktoberfest doesn’t stray far from tradition. On the brewing side, you’ll find pale, caramel, Munich, and aromatic malts paired with Tettnang, Mittelfrüh, and Marynka hops. Traditional lagering with a German lager yeast completes…

September 2023

As most alert readers (ARs) know, 11,500 members of The Writers Guild of America have been on strike against The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers since early May. While the viewing public awaits a resolution of this dispute and a resumed flow of fresh material from Hollywood,