From the Garden: Tips on Growing Swiss Chard with Ally

Tips on Growing Swiss Chard with Ally


Chard is a cold season crop, but fairs well in the summer, often continuing production from spring to fall.

In early to mid spring, soak your seeds overnight and direct sow 6 to 8 inches apart into well worked and fertile soil.

  1. Keep soil moist until germination. In my experience, chard germinates when it feels the time is perfectly right. Sometimes under 2 weeks, sometimes a month…so don’t give up on them!
  2. If you want chard with larger leaves give the plants more space.
  3. Water plants consistently throughout the growing season.
  4. For a continuous harvest, twist the outer leaf near the stem until it snaps off.
  5. Always harvest the outer leaves first.

We get our rainbow chard seed from SeedGeeks, a local seed company. Visit their booth at the Schlafly Farmers Market most Wednesdays from 4-7 p.m.