Hop Allocation: Northeast IPA makes its way to the Midwest

Hop Allocation: Northeast IPA makes its way to the Midwest

If you don’t know about Northeast IPAs (some call them New England IPAs or just NE IPAs) then you haven’t been paying attention. In the last few years, these beers have migrated from the East Coast to all over the country. Fans of the style enjoy the haziness of the beer, and the big hop flavor without extreme hop bitterness. Schlafly has been experimenting with hops a LOT these last few years so brewing one of these beers was just a matter of time.

Today, the brewery announced the release of Northeast India Pale Ale, the first beer in 2018’s Hop Allocation Series. Schlafly’s take on the style will be true to its origin. The 8% ABV beer will get 35 IBUs, a fruity aroma and a nice juicy finish from the hops. Keeping with tradition, patrons can also expect the hazy, unfiltered look of the style.

The Hop Allocation Series gives us a chance to show how different brewing techniques and combinations of hops can offer a distinct IPA experience with each new release. We utilize kettle boiling and the process of fermented dry-hopping to create this Northeast IPA. We’ve had a lot of requests for this style so we’re excited to see how our consumer responds to the release. – Founding Brewer Stephen Hale

Keep an eye out for the future releases in the Hop Allocation Series this year which will include the return of  Rye IPA, American IPA, Double IPA and Tasmanian IPA as well as another new beer with India Pale Lager this summer.

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